Worker-Owner Call Out

worker+coopThe Black Coffee Co-op is looking to expand!

If you love making coffee, want to smash the state, and like to play well with others, this may be the position for you.

Here’s some of what we’re looking for:

  • radical anti-state, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian politics (you don’t need to quote old radicals, but you should know why you’re here).
  • interested in creating radical, creative, uplifting community space
  • service industry experience, especially coffee
  • people & conflict skills – skills in communicating effectively in wide variety of contexts
  • desire for autonomy and cooperation
  • team, project, and/or organizational building experience

The collective is white-dude heavy right now, and we’re not looking to add any more white men.

PoC, women-identifying, trans or genderqueer folks are encouraged to hit us up.

Apprenticeship Part 1:

The position begins as part-time volunteer position (~16hrs), but you will receive tips. We expect this part-time role to last at least 3 months.  Should you decide to stay on with the goal of joining the coop as a worker-owner, the volunteer work will be counted as sweat equity towards your ownership-share.  You will need to have your food handlers permit and alcohol permit within 30 days of starting work.

Apprenticeship Part 2:

You would then begin a roughly 3 month, full-time (~32hrs), paid apprenticeship, culminating in a decision to integrate you as a worker-owner. We’ll tell you a bit more about the process once you let us know you’re interested. W e will do our best to accommodate your other obligations in setting up this process.

Your Turn:
Tell us a bit about yourself.  Here are some questions to spark your response – you may or may not answer any or all of them.

  • what kind of service industry work have you had in the past?

  • how do you describe your politics?

  • have you ever been in difficult situations that called for initiative and responsibility?

  • have you previously worked closely with a team on a project that you cared about?

  • have you worked with or around people in a variety of mental states?

  • do you speak any languages beyond english?

  • what makes black coffee coop seem like a compelling project to you?

  • what do you want to bring to the collective & the Black Coffee Co-op at large?

We’re looking to wrap up accepting applications by mid-february, and begin interviews in march.  Let us know if you have relevant experience, job-related or otherwise.  Please don’t send us any resumes.  We’d much rather read stories, hear tales, etc…

Please send your responses & questions to work (at) blackcoffeecoop (.com)

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