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You may have noticed that there’s a big, hideous “For Lease” sign on the very location that we were starting to call our own (over on Pike st.). We wanted to explain what is going on in the Black Coffee world, but the best we can offer for now is a vague explanation and an invitation to our next meeting.

Regarding the Pike St. space, as we have always stated, and as we announced at the Open House, we still have not signed a lease on this space. In a lot of ways, the Open House was a very unusual event that we had the unique opportunity to hold thanks to our positive relationship with the folks at the Tobacco shop, so we of course understand why things are unclear. The intention of the open house was actually to invite our support network in, in order to hear what non-collective members thought about the space, and if they would support us moving forward in that location. The response was one of resounding support. We dearly wish we could respond to that support by swinging our doors open, but unfortunately, there are still miles of red tape to be navigated.

To put it simply, the space is now on the market, and we may or may not be up against other offers on the space. Anything is still possible, and nothing is for certain.

In the mean time, we welcome your support looking for potential alternative space on Capitol Hill (get in touch if you know of any!), and we also welcome you to join our next meeting:

Cal Anderson Park

(meet at the Hill/Mound north of Reflecting Pool) (map)

Sunday, August 5th

7pm – 8pm



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