Home Sweet Home: Help Us Build It

Hello Black Coffee Family!

It is with absolute joy & elation that I announce we have found our perfect home!

“BUT WAIT A TICK!” you say, “those grimy coffee pirates told us this before!”

Alas, it’s true, we previously thought we found a home at on Pike St, but due to a number of complications, we had to abandon that ship. As usual though, everything happens for a reason. After finally deciding we needed to move on from the Pike St. space, a new and greater possibility was awaiting us just around the next corner (literally…).

The space is big & beautiful, perfect for every type of event and gathering; perfect for enjoying a book, a brew, or a black coffee. It’s fit to be open late, fully accessible, and in an even more central location than the last space.


We’re moving into 501 E. Pine st, the corner Pike and Summit! 

This space is half of the old home of Travelers. Here’s a map! Our new neighbors will be Gamma Ray Games’ new Ray Gun Lounge.

The biggest challenge we face in making this new space come together is finding the resources we need to do a fundamental buildout – a challenge we didn’t have at the previous space. We will need to hire a plumber & electrical worker, build our counters, and finally, paint & furnish!

We humbly ask for your help in overcoming these material obstacles. We deeply appreciate any contribution you can make – now is the most important time in determining Black Coffee’s long term success. Here’s how you can give tangible support that makes a direct difference in the creation of this community space:

1. GIVE A GIFT through our IndieGoGo fundraiser, and we’ll give you a gift right back! If you’d like to support at a different level than available through the the Indie GoGo, you can donate directly to Black Coffee by sending a check to Black Coffee at the address below.


Black Coffee
501 E. Pine St.
Suite A.

Seattle, WA, 98122

2. LEND EXPERTISE. If you have any skills you’d like to lend, wether its carpentry or graphic design, or if you just know someone we should talk to, please contact us at blackcoffee@riseup.net. We’d love to hear any of your creative ideas about how to make Black Coffee come to life.

3. DONATE MATERIALS, quality raw materials for carpentry work, bookshelves, tables, chairs, couches, or other furniture for the space is in need. If you’d like to donate something we might need, contact us at blackcoffee@riseup.net.

It is worth supporting Black Coffee because we are dedicated to building a true community space.

We need your help!

Black Coffee will be providing space we , from fundraisers to film screenings, book fairs to belly dancing, skill-shares to silk-screening. We hope you choose to contribute to this project in anyway possible!

Love & Solidarity,

the Black Coffee Crew

p.s. Come October, we’ll hold some work parties at the space as well – another great way to lend support.

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