Coffee Over Candidates

by Steven Krolak

Election on the Mind?
Tired of the Two Parties?
Dreaming of Democracy?

The elections are supposed to represent a chance to engage with democracy, a chance to cast your vote towards what’s best for you and for your community. Cheers to you for wanting to be engaged!

Just as quickly as we get excited about participating in democracy, we get let down by the circus that is the electoral seasons. Millions upon millions of dollars are wasted on shallow advertising. Millions upon millions of dollars being funneled to represent the interests of a few industries.

Every year when the election rolls around, we become all far too familiar with the phrase, “lesser of two evils.” We are all starting to learn that if we want to improve our communities, we can’t rely on corporate-owned politicians.

That’s why this election season, Black Coffee asks you to support a project that is truly local & democratic. Black Coffee is not only organized on principles of fairness & equality, but will also provide an invaluable venue for organizing many campaigns to improve our communities. Supporting Black Coffee right now will support a truly democratic project, and is one way to give our community a fighting chance against the money that controls electoral politics.

Please support Black Coffee today, and we’ll give you a gift in return!

Thank you for your solidarity! We’re all in this together.

With love and gratitude,
the Black Coffee Crew

P.S. It also helps greatly when folks forward this letter to their friends & allies!

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